River Ridge Retreat Bed and Breakfast, Paris, Ontario, Canada


So, you’ve made the BIG decision........you’re GETTING MARRIED!!!!!

Let River Ridge B & B help you make all the little decisions that will makeyour wedding experience one to remember.

We offer breakfast of course, and a place to sleep too.Over night guests you’re thinking, but how about you?Our many packages can be designed with choices galore;start reading our poetry now to learn more.The goal is a unique experience to create, as you begin your married life with your new mate!


The attendants that have been chosen by you and your groom, may never before have been in the same room.Why not plan to get together for fun, before your big day when everyone’s on the run.These special people will be sharing your day, instead of a gift, take them away to play!

PLAY OPTIONS:•golfing • rafting •biking •hiking•fishing •archery •casino •tobogganing•skating •spa •cross-country skiing


You want it all to be just right,For after all, it’s your wedding night.You hair, your nails, your make-up too,together present the best possible you.So come away for a personal test,let the professionals show you how to look your best!

PLANNING OPTIONS:•up-do styles •make-up •manicures •pedicures


A honeymoon is warranted but your time is short.Memories to be built of a special sort!Consider the chance to be alone, just two;A two-day (or more) getaway, designed especially for you.It could be something spectacular and daring,Or quiet and secluded to begin your lives’ sharing

PHENOMENAL OPTIONS:•Grand River Dinner Cruise (seasonal) •picnic•hot air balloon ride •limo to dinner with a casino visit•rafting, canoeing, hiking, fishing, golfing, cylcing•lounging, hot-tubbing •pool-side sun bathing


The wedding is over, your hard work is through.You were happy to help but now what to do?You’re exhausted and drained because of the work,All is said and done, so what is your perk?Perhaps the bride-your daughter, sister or friend,Will that you by giving you this package dividend!

PAMPERING OPTIONS:•hot tubbing •pool-side sun-bathing •relaxing in quiet, nature-lover’s setting •reading•shopping •dining out•facial •manicure •pedicure

P.S. Do not forget to consider giving this to yourself. You’re worth it!

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