River Ridge Retreat Bed and Breakfast, Paris, Ontario, Canada



Getting to us can be tricky,

even with GPS,

depending on where you start.


We've been told that we're located at the following global co-ordinates:


Latitude 43 degrees 14021" North


Longitude 80 degrees 21.185" West


For those with GPS that might help

...beware that there are errors in some systems.

Our confirmation outlines these, so no worries~:)


For others,

it helps to know that we are between the 401 and the 403

...closer to the 403

but not enough to only use the 403 to get here.


Over the years we have built a library of written directions to get to us from

a variety of points of origin...

major highways,

(which is different depending on your direction)


tourist attractions


major transportation hubs such as airports or train stations


and other possibilities.


Our confirmation will ask you where you're starting from and we'll send you a tailor made set of directions.


If you prefer maps...here you go!








Click here for a larger view

Click here for a larger view





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