River Ridge Retreat Bed and Breakfast, Paris, Ontario, Canada


•property is perched on 11.3 acres, including about 600 feet of wooded riverfront....

            ..... that is a bit north of Paris and south of the city of Cambridge

             directly on the west bank of the heritage designated Grand River

            The Grand River is a large river in southwestern Ontario, Canada. From its source, it flows south through Grand Valley, Fergus, Elora, Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Paris, Brantford, Caledonia, and Cayuga before emptying into the north shore of Lake Erie south of Dunnville at Port Maitland. One of the scenic and spectacular features of the river is the falls and gorge at Elora.

The Grand River is the largest river entirely within southern Ontario's boundaries. The river owes its size to the unusual fact that it has its source relatively close to the base of the Bruce Peninsula, yet flows southwards to Lake Erie, rather than to central Lake Huron or Georgian Bay (most southern Ontario rivers flow into the nearest Great Lake, which is why most of them are small), thus giving it more distance to take in more water from tributaries.

The river's rural character, ease of access and lack of portages make it a desirable canoeing location, especially the stretch between West Montrose and Paris, Ontario. A number of conservation areas exist in the area of the river, managed by the Grand River Conservation Authority.

The Grand Valley Trail stretches 275 km along the river's valley between the town of Alton and Lake Erie.

The river was named "Grande Rivière" by the French during the 18th century. It was later renamed Ouse River by John Graves Simcoe for the River Great Ouse near his childhood home, although the anglicized form of the French name has remained in common use.

For the 2013 season

•we have taken advantage of recent storm damage and resulting wood chips to create the first of a few walking trails within our storm ravaged and natural spring dotted bush.

•access to the river for fishing is still for those agile enough to descent from the ridge on the stones from an formerly flowing stream to get to the water's edge (with proper permit to be obtained by our guests themselves) but will gift them an unbelievably picturesque paradise.

•prepared to be in awe that you are only a stone's throw from 'civilization'

*If you wish to arrive by canoe, please let us know in advance so we can arrange to meet and greet you properly!



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