River Ridge Retreat Bed and Breakfast, Paris, Ontario, Canada




Rural Setting | Receptionists | Recreation | Riverfront


•Homestead farm house made of original materials on 11+ acres

       -red pine plank floors and stone fireplace just like in days gone by

       -built between 1844 - 1849

               - additions have been made throughout the years since then

       -many intriguing nooks, crannies and hidden spaces to boast

       -exterior is wood siding construction sitting on a stone foundation

               -we have learned that foundation was likely built using                

                convict labour to bring the rocks from the river's edge to

               the building site, down in our part of the Grand River valley.


•Antique furnishings have been lovingly chosen 

       -they further the homestead feel of a stay at River Ridge.


•1 and 1/2 story layout provides many interesting angles and uses of space which combine to create a unique character to the home.


•More than half of our home is accessible to our guests

        -entire upper floor is exclusively guest accommodation

        -main floor guest unit with a private entrance option

               -for those visitors needing maximum privacy or

               having limited capacity to use stairs.


•Dining room, common room and elevated deck on the main floor,  pool side cabana and shaded flagstone patio are all for guest use


       Be sure to take advantage of your opportunity to become a

               River Ridge 'resident', if only for a little while.







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