River Ridge Retreat Bed and Breakfast, Paris, Ontario, Canada



If golf is the game that you like to play,

why not prioritize it for your holiday?

 Groups, pairs or just one of you,

 can stay and golf the whole day through.

 We can arrange whatever you wish,

 come just to golf or maybe also to fish.

 Tell us what works, a day, two or even more.

 We’ll set it up in combinations galore,

 Dining, your room and other things to do

 -a package designed especially for you.



 Paris Grand Golf Course is just 4 minutes from here,

 Yet other fine courses are also quite near.

 We can set it up that you tee off at one place or do a loop,

 All we need from you is your personal scoop.

 Keep in mind that while golfers needs we strive to meet,

 Packages can be designed so the trip for all is a real treat.

You can even bring friends who don't like this sport,

the list of options for them is very far from short.


Complete this questionnaire now, to let us know,

 What you want in your golfer's holiday before packing to go!


Please take a few minutes to let us know what your preferences

 are by clicking here...




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